This qualification is suited to individuals who have experience in the security industry and who would like to expand their knowledge and skills or who are seeking to move into a consultancy role and or risk management role.

Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis


The CPP41519 Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis has been designed to develop knowledge and skills in security risk assessment methodologies as they apply to the security of an organisation’s property, assets, and people. This qualification is for security risk analysts who apply technical security and operations expertise in a risk management environment. Security risk analysts understand the current threat environment and assess risk and advise clients on strategies to protect electronic security systems and people and property in crowded places, as defined by Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism (2017).

On successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a  CPP40719 Certificate IV in Security Management. 

This will be suited to the following job roles:

  • Control room manager
  • Event security supervisor
  • Monitoring centre manager
  • Security business manager
  • Security operations supervisor
  • Technical security manager

What do I need before I start?

This strategy is targeted at students who must be currently employed in a full time, part-time, or casual capacity in a security or supervisors’ role and have access to a workplace environment to complete the assessment tasks and to practice applying the unit requirements in a variety of different security situations

Prior to entering this program, applicants have an interview to determine their suitability and ensure that this is the most appropriate training program to suit their individual needs and goals. Language, Literacy and Numeracy test forms are part of this process.

Learners should be able to read and write English at approximately grade 12 level with reasonable computer skills.

Before commencing this course, you will be required to undertake an Online intermediate English language literacy and numeracy (LLN ASSESSMENT). Upon inquiry, you will be sent an invitation to complete.

If you are completing the course via an online or RPL delivery mode, you will need access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection.

Please be advised we are unable to train students on a student visa. You must find a CRICOS registered training provider.

What will I need to provide to enrol? 

The minimum requirement to confirm your course enrolment is to provide us with a Unique Student Identifier and payment.

You will also need to complete your enrolment form and upload photo. 

This will be communicated to you via email once you have inquired through 

The qualification is comprised of the following 12 units of competency


  • CPPSEC4003 Assess and advise on client security needs 
  • CPPSEC4006 Conduct security risk assessment of client operations
  • CPPSEC4007 Identify security threats and assess the impact on client operations
  • CPPSEC4012 Assess security vulnerabilities of assets
  • CPPSEC4022 Establish and implement ethics and governance arrangements for security businesses

Elective Group A – Security Technology and Systems

  • CPPSEC4009 Interpret electronic information from advanced technology security systems
  • CPPSEC4020 Advise on advanced technology security systems to meet client needs
  • CPPSEC4021 Develop standard operating procedures for advanced technology security systems

Elective Group B – Crowded Places

  • CPPSEC4024 Assess security of crowded places
  • CPPSEC4025 Advise on operational requirements to maintain crowded place security
  • PSPSEC015 Communicate security awareness


  • BSBOPS404 Implement customer service strategies
  • BSBMGT403 Implement continuous improvement
  • CPPSEC5003 Assess security risk management options
  • CPPSEC5004 Develop security risk management plans

You can view the full list of units available to study within this qualification on

*If you wish to change one or more of your elective units please contact us.  While we endeavour to be able to provide all options, changes to elective units cannot be guaranteed. The cost for custom unit packaging is $300 per qualification for full study or $150 for RPL.

Learners will be required to complete several tasks for each unit which may include short response answers, demonstration of skills, participation in role plays, case studies and taking part in group discussions.


If a learner is seeking to use observations in the workplace examples and systems to show competency, then access to workplace will be required.

Online- Coming Soon- Contact us if this is an option for you

To complete your qualification, a portal called CIRT will be utilised to manage and track your completion of units.

Assessment Only / RPL

For people with evidence of their extensive experience.

We aim to have all RPL assessments finalised within 16 weeks. The actual time frame depends on the course you are seeking RPL for, how long it takes you to supply the evidence and how long it takes us to verify your evidence.

Blended – Classroom and Workplace Based

  • 4 x 2-day face to face (or zoom sessions)
  • Scheduled monthly telephone tutorials with your dedicated trainer
  • Workplace review meeting by your trainer to review assessments, observations (either in the workplace or via zoom)
  • You will also need to be willing to complete up to 4 – 8 hours per week self-study for the duration of the course.

Custom Enrolment

The number of hours outlined is a guide only and each individual will learn at a different pace. On enrolment, each student is provided with an individual learning plan to suit their needs. Students may request an extension or submit their assessments early as required to suit their individual learning need

Please contact us at to see if this option is for you.

Where a student is experiencing difficulty in successfully managing the academic aspects of the program they may request additional assistance from their trainer. Alternatively, the trainer may also identify a student as being at risk and in need of additional learning support.

The trainer can provide assistance in a number of ways:

  • Individual coaching session, either in person or via Skype
  • additional telephone tutorial session(s)
  • additional/alternate reading materials/podcasts/YouTube clips depending on the nature of the content area

Where the student is experiencing any personal difficulties s/he should be referred to the CEO who will seek to assist. If the student’s needs exceed CHD Partner’s support capacity, it will refer the student to an appropriate external agency

After completing this course you may wish to further your studies with:

  • CPP50611 Diploma in Security Risk Management
  • Other relevant Diploma qualifications

The cost of this course will vary depending on individual and group prices.

Contacts us to find out your price. Payment plans are available, please contact our Training Coordinator to find out more.

CHD Partners acknowledges that it has a responsibility to protect the fees paid by students in advance of their training and assessment services being delivered. To meet our responsibilities CHD Partners may accept payment of no more than $1500 from each individual student prior to the commencement of the course.

Following the course commencement, CHD Partners may require payment of additional fees in scheduled payments in advance from the student but only such that at any given time, the total amount required to be paid does not exceed $1,500.

Student can choose to sign up for 12 monthly payments. There are no fees for direct debit but 2.5% processing fee on credit card.

CHD Partners endeavours to assist all of its clients, employers and learners by providing quality training suited to their individual needs.