Managing Aggression Reduces Harm to Workers

CHD Partners has successfully delivered Managing Aggressive Customer training to University of Newcastle (researchers, Hub Support staff and Librarians), Local Government including Maitland City and Lake Macquarie Council (rangers, customer service and pool attendants) and Essential Services such as Hunter Water Customer Customer Service Staff.

Managing Aggressive Customers

The key learning outcomes for the sessions include:

  • Identify different forms of aggression
  • Apply the TRUCE model of conflict resolution
  • Identify the principles that need to manage an aggressive customer
  • Identify the possible effects of being involved with aggressive customers and the correct procedures to minimise the impact to personnel
  • Identify preventive practices in reducing opportunities for workplace violence.
  • Identify general security risk management framework (deter, detect, delay, respond, recover)
  • Identify team based developmental opportunities

The training incorporates the following adult learning principles and teaching techniques:

  • Brainstorming
  • Small group exercises
  • Video scenarios
  • Role plays
  • PowerPoint presentations

In preparing and delivering these sessions, we will:

  • Develop and include specific scenarios reflecting local problems / concerns
  • Provide to each participant a training preparation package, workbook and certificate of attendance