Workplace Training & Safe Systems Service Provider for Australian Businesses

CHD Partners is a service provider offering an all-inclusive approach to risk management, security and safety compliance solutions for Australian Businesses. Our team of industry experts will work with you to design and develop a tailored solution for your business regardless of current resources, budget and complexity.
CHD Partners supports small to medium business owners in developing safe systems of work and training to protect them from prosecution, disgruntled employees and unethical customers. Regardless of your staffing level, industry or location within Australia, we can provide custom training and systems to meet clients’ ongoing and changing needs.
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Risk Management Services

The effective management of risk requires organisations to have cohesive and integrated strategies, operations and tactics to optimise their security risk management. Those organisations that effectively manage security can design resilience and continuity into their business through the effective protection of people, physical assets and infrastructure, critical data and information, and subsequently – organisational reputation.CHD Partners security risk management framework is based on the application of national standards [1] and represents a comprehensive approach that provides organisations with the means to make educated decisions on the need for security improvements and the intelligent application of available resources.

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Workplace Training

CHD Partners works seamlessly with a range of clients and partners over the years to develop custom training and systems to meet clients’ ongoing and changing needs. We do this with our students to ensure we can tailor our scenarios and examples to suit your workplace and benefit from your learnings.

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Vocational Qualifications & Certifications

 As a registered training organisation (RTO 40779) CHD Partners delivers nationally recognised qualifications across Australia training to assist you in maintaining compliance in security, risk management and safety areas. 

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Business Information System

With over 30 years in risk management, compliance and security CHD Partners know the importance of a simplified solution to everyday workplace compliance. We have created CIRT a web-based solution for small to medium businesses that is administered virtually to remove the stress of meeting workplace compliance with content that is customised to meet your workplace legal obligations.