Do you want to be eligible for larger contracts?

The CM3 Contractor Certification System has been adopted by many large organisations and companies to manage their contractor engagement compliance requirements.

Work Health Safety

If you are currently working in electrical or trade area or planning to enter that sector of the market, then you may need to complete the CM3 assessment to become an approved Contractor.

You may already have a WHS System in place and have now been requested to complete the CM3 Certification Program.

Our experience highlights that many small to medium businesses operate using good Work Health Safety practices but struggle because of the lack of resources to develop a robust system that will help them meet the requirements of CM3 or other certification requirements.

Our job is to work with you to identify your practices and document them.

We are committed to assisting small to medium sized Contractors to meet their CM3 requirements and produce operationally relevant processes that assist Contractors in keeping their workers safe. We have developed a simple step by step program that will reduce the workload on the business whilst reflecting the operational requirements of your work.

We help you by:

  • Identifying the key areas of CM3 that you will need to comply with.
  • Guide and assist you in answering each question.
  • Review or provide additional documents that you will be required to provide.
  • Enter all documentation into CM3.
  • Provide guidance on documentation and its application.

We have 100% success with CM3 Certification.

Provide you with appropriate reference material such as Code of Practice or Guidance documents.

A comment from one client:

“You guys made this process so easy. You knew just what to do and what to provide. You saved me time, the anxiety and stress of building documents that I just hate doing.”