Protecting Your Staff

This course focuses on teaching staff how to prevent an Armed Robbery and in the unlikely event of one occurring, how to respond.

Prevent Armed Robbery

Course outline and objectives

This training course has been designed to provide participants with;

  • Identify the factors that impact on staff, employees and management of a business when confronted with an armed hold-up.
  • Identify the principles that need to be implemented in surviving an armed confrontation.
  • Identify the some possible effects of being involved in an armed robbery and the correct procedures to minimise the impact to personnel.
  • Identify the employee safety and well-being is the primary objective
  • Identify the compliance requirements with legislation for safety in the workplace.

Administration issues

Course duration 4 Hours (Depending on the target group this can be varied)

Maximum attendance per session 20 participants. (This is a WorkSafe benchmark).


Course costs include the following:

  • Customised training program to address local needs
  • Armed robbery audit
  • Workbooks
  • Documented report on the outcomes of consultation process throughout the workshop
  • Statement of Attendance
  • Support policy and procedure development

Important Aspects of Training

Participants are engaged actively from the beginning of the course to understand the benefits of being prepared for an Armed Robbery in the workplace and daily life

Participants are engaged in the process of understanding their responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act to be aware of their obligations and preventing the opportunities for armed robberies

Participants are guided through a process of identifying risks and opportunities within the workplace which provide opportunities for robbery offences to occur.

Why is this course so important?

This course is focused on engaging staff to be aware of their responsibilities and obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act.  The numbers are kept to 20 persons per course as this is a WorkSafe NSW recommendation.  The aim of the course is not just about awareness. It is about preparing staff members to be skilled and mentally aware for an incident of armed robbery.

When an armed robbery occurs, one of the first organisations to visit your venue after the Police is WorkSafe NSW. They will look at your policies, procedures and records in regards to training and preparing staff for armed robbery. By limiting numbers in the workshop, facilitators can actively involve everyone throughout the duration of the course, ensuring that participants are responsive to the training.

This course is focused on upskilling staff to respond to an armed robbery to save lives and assist in reducing the liability of the organisation. This is done by ensuring that all participants are made aware of club policy, procedures and their responsibility to comply with these statements.

Course Costs

Please contact CHD Partners to find out the course costs.