Improving communication and productivity

Every business has a legal requirement to consult with their workers.

Toolbox talk and consultation

What is a Toolbox Talk?

Toolbox Talks are a simple but effective way to communicate information to your team or about hazards before commencing work.

Toolbox talks don’t have to take a long time. Effectively run Toolbox Talks may only take five to ten minutes.

You can use Toolbox Talks as part of your consultation methods for sharing knowledge and awareness of risks associated with day-to-day activities in the workplace.

Having short but frequent Toolbox Talks can significantly reduce workplace incidents and improve productivity.

In addition to identifying hazards before commencing a tasks Toolbox Talk can:

  1. Improve team communication and productivity.
  2. Provide reminders of workers’ duties and responsibilities.
  3. Grow a positive safety culture within the business
  4. Keep workers alert.
  5. Reduce injuries

Toolbox Topics

Toolbox talks have two functions:

  1. Consult with workers about concerns in the workplace (not just safety)
  2. To communicate risk to workers and guidance on how to do tasks safely

The challenge for supervisors and managers is identifying a relevant topic to discuss in the toolbox talk.

CHD Partners has developed several toolbox talks to guide managers and supervisors in their delivery of safety briefings.

Items for discussion can be identified by asking workers for input or identifying changes to plant and equipment, response to accidents or incidents in the workplace.