WHS Committee Agenda

A meeting agenda provides a list of items that participants should follow to help them accomplish the planned outcomes of a meeting.

Where possible, the agenda should be distributed in advance of a meeting so that participants have the opportunity to prepare for the meeting. In a perfect world this would be at least 7 days before the meeting.

WHS Committee Minutes

Taking meeting minutes during a meeting is essential to ensure you capture the critical conversations or actions agreed to at the meeting.

Important details normally include who is responsible for what action, when, how, and so on.

WHS Committee Elections Kit

Health and safety committees are elected by employees who are members of their Designated Work Group (DWG) to represent them in health and safety matters.

Election Confirmation as HSR

The PCBU to which the work group relates must provide any resources, facilities and assistance that are reasonably necessary to enable elections to be conducted, for example providing reasonable access to printing resources so election notices can be displayed in the workplace.

Meeting Attendance Record

A meeting attendance sheet provides record of who has a attend a meeting which is helpful to refer to after a meeting to determine who had attended.

Attendees will provide their name and give contact information or other relevant details.

Consultation Options in the Workplace Ebook

A safe workplace is more easily achieved when ‘persons conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBUs) and workers communicate with each other about work health and safety (WHS) issues, and work together to find solutions.

Employee Responsibilities Toolbox

All workers have a responsibility for managing safety in the workplace. Changes to national work health safety legislation, provide the
mechanism for workers to be fined for not supporting safe work practices. This toolbox outlines workers responsibilities in the workplace