Armed Robbery Prevention

This course is focused on engaging staff to be aware of their responsibilities and obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act. The numbers are kept to 20 persons per course as this is a WorkSafe NSW recommendation. The aim of the course is not just about awareness. It is about preparing staff members to be skilled and mentally aware for an incident of armed robbery.

Managing Aggressive Customers

CHD partners has delivered Managing Aggressive Customer Training to Universities, Local Government and Essential Services. The sessions includes identifying and understanding forms of aggression, how to manage aggression when it occurs and how to prevent opportunities of workplace violence occurring. The course will be delivered through real life scenarios and problem solving exercises.

Preventing Conflict With Young People

CHD Partners has successfully delivered Preventing Conflict with Young People training to Shopping Centres Security Guards, Police, Rangers and Pool Attendants. The training materials have been specifically crafted to respond to the needs of front line personnel dealing with young people. Sessions are individually tailored to suit specific local and site needs and can be extended as required.

Legal Powers for Security Officers

This training is targeted at guards, supervisors and managers responsible for day to day security operations. The training identifies the difference between proofs of offences for civil and criminal matters and additional considerations before arresting young people for criminal offences. The course uses case studies and examples to allow participants to apply legislation, such as the Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibility Act 2002 (NSW), In closed Lands Protection Act 1901 (NSW), to understand the principles of arrest and methods to preserve a crime scene.