James Soars

Operations And Systems


Prior to his time at CHD Partners, James has developed leadership and management skills through his experience as a Team Leader at Woolworths.

Currently, along with his role at CHD Partners, James is working as a Junior Project Manager while completing his degree in Construction Management. James Values the opportunity to build a diverse skill set across all phases of Project planning and delivery. James has worked on projects in the Building sector, gaining valuable experience in complex live environments with stringent safety and security considerations. He is developing his proficiency in stakeholder consultation and management, contract administration and on-site project development.

Here at CHD Partners, James is responsible for the management of project operations and client consultation. James oversees specific client requirements and manages project delegation. Through his experience in managing compliance, James monitors and maintains CHD Partners compliance obligations and where requested, the obligations of client documentation, providing updates where necessary.

James values the diverse experience provided by both the roles he is undertaking. Both the theoretical and practical experience exposed to James allows him to provide a holistic approach to client matters and an insight into construction industry requirements.

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