Quick Program Review Checklist

The following checklist will provide guidance on what should be included in your anti money lauding and counter terrorism financing (AMLCTF) Program.

  • If you don’t have all these components, then you do not have a compliant program.
  • If you are short a few of these, then it may be worth considering an independent review.
  • If your program is missing most of these requirements or you have pulled a program together and not sure what these requirements are then you might want to consider seeking advice and implement a new program.

To validate your position please complete the following checklist and at least consider a free desktop review to provide you some guidance on the next step.

We understand that several small to medium Clubs don’t have the resources that larger clubs have such as full-time human resources, gaming or operations support.

 Please give us a call on 0249644055 to discuss options that best suit the size of your club.