Managing Contractors Introduction

Welcome to September,

This months focus is on managing contractors.

Many readers would not be aware of what CHD Partners do. We work with small to medium business to protect their owners and workers.

We have a monthly focus that guides our clients to manage the risk in their business, one bite at a time. To assist our readers who are not clients, we are now posting regular articles on topics that will guide you to protect your business.

Many business owners or workers in business believe that managing the following in regards to contractors or subcontractors will protect your business:

  • Public liability
  • Workers compensation (unless sole trader)
  • Relevant licence e.g. security master licence, contractors licence ( electrical, air conditioning etc)
  • Works agreement, terms of trade etc)
  • Professional indemnity (if required)

Do you have these documents?
Are they current?
Do you have certificates of currency?
Does the insurance cover the work required by your business?
Do you know the business you have engaged?

Whilst this is a good start, there are additional requirements that we will cover this month to help you determine what else you require.

Keep a lookout for the next couple of weeks to build your knowledge about your responsibilities and how to protect your business.

If you have any further questions please email us at or book a free 15 free consultation with one of our experts to assist you-

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