Amos Air

Contract Compliance
CM3 Certification

About The Project

Amos Air is a service-based company that specialise in preventative maintenance solutions for heating, ventilation and air capabilities. Terry developed a manual safe system of work but is now looking for CM3 Certification and Avetta Compliance (these are organisations that pre-qualify your business as a contractor for a client).

CIRT reviewed the manual safe system and worked with Terry to identify his risk appetite and develop an appropriate system to meet his CM3 requirements that could be managed with limited resources. CIRT was introduced and all existing documents were updated and uploaded.

Safe work method statements were updated, signoff was imbedded in the document for acknowledgment by workers. This data is used for CM3 reporting monthly and yearly. SCANS (take 5) was added to the system for staff to conduct a risk assessment prior to completing a job and inform Terry if there were any safety issues that the client needed to be aware of.

“CIRT reminds me when documents require review and the best thing is I don’t have to do any. The team at CIRT send me a document, I review it, make comment, send it back and they do the rest. CIRT makes my job so simple. I know I have a system that works, and I can get on with growing the business.”

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