How to Respond to an Armed Robbery

It is important to have all individuals in the workplace trained on what to expect and how to act during and after an armed robbery.

Research confirms that those who have been trained will recover better than those who have not received training.

Armed robberies can vary from a threatening note being handed to a clerk to a heavily armed offender demanding action at gun point.

No matter what situation the staff is in, the primary objective is for staff to survive the incident.

It is IMPORTANT that staff COMPLY with an offender’s requests. This will increase the victim’s chance of survival and reduce the chance of injury.

What to do after an armed robbery

  1. LOCK site to prevent offender(s) re-entering
  2. CHECK welfare of staff and patrons on-site
  3. NOTIFY police on 000
  4. PROTECT the crime scene

Applying these simple principles can assist victims of armed robbery to survive the incident, support patrons and employees and provide valuable assistance to police.

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