First Aid and Emergency Planning

In the event of a fire or other emergency situation, it is critical that all workers or even customers are aware of how to respond.

All workers MUST make themselves aware of the location of assembly areas in order to account for all personnel on site.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

Diagrams should be located at various points throughout the workplace including areas open to the public.

The purpose of this diagram is to provide viewers with the most direct route out of the facility to safety. The diagram also provides valuable information including the location of exits, fire equipment (Extinguishers etc.) first aid locations and more.

In the event of an emergency occupants should follow the RACE procedure;

R- Remove People: From immediate danger
A- Alert Fire Services: Break manual call point, Call 000
C- Confine Fire and Smoke: Close doors and windows (if safe to do so)
E- Evacuate: To the Assembly Area

Evacuation Drill

The Australian Standard 3745 requires organisations to conduct a test evacuation drill at least annually.

The aim of the drill is to test the preparedness of the workplace to respond to an emergency such as a fire. A test drill is not a secret and can be planned.


The key role that wardens play in ensuring your business is prepared for an emergency should not be underestimated.

Along with your emergency plan, wardens are an important risk control measure to ensure that your workplace is prepared should an emergency, potentially a fire, occur. Hence, businesses are advised to choose their fire wardens carefully.

First Aid

Management have a responsibility to provide an adequate number of First Aiders to provide an appropriate medical response in the workplace.

The Model Code of Practice for First Aid in the Workplace provides the following guidance:

  • Low risk workplaces—one first aider for every 50 workers
  • High risk workplaces—one first aider for every 25 workers
  • Remote high-risk workplaces—one first aider for every 10 workers.

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